• Additively manufactured model casting dental technology
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  • Custom-made dental prosthesis: Additively manufactured crowns and bridges
    Source: Laser Add Center GmbH
  • Custom-made crowns and bridges for the dental industry
    Source: LAC - Laser Add Center

LaserCUSING® is revolutionising the dental industry

The generative metal laser melting process is used to manufacture dental products such as crowns, caps, model castings and secondary structures in an economical way. On account of the standardised production process, unique specimens or small batches can be manufactured with a constantly high level of quality.

High-quality, perfectly fitting dentures made from cobalt-chromium, titanium or precious-metal alloys – virtually overnight!

The DENTAURUM Group, which leads the way in the field of precious-metal-free dental alloys, is our partner and produces exclusive powder materials for processing using the LaserCUSING® method which are available exclusively to Concept Laser customers. Two clinically proven precious-metal-free alloys which were previously available as an alloy in the form of cast cylinders and as a milling blank are now exclusively also available to procure as a laser fusable powder material through Concept Laser:

remanium® star CL
rematitan® CL

The products which are produced using the LaserCUSING® method meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (DIN EN ISO 9693 / DIN EN ISO 22674).


Here you can find some customer statements:

"Laser melting as a generative or digital process has the potential to replace the traditional metal cast. The laser-melting process is now one of the standard production processes used in dentistry. Thanks to the moderate use of material, it allows very economical production of all kinds of metal frameworks. In many areas, the material properties are in fact superior to those of cast frameworks. It is possible to produce highly complex geometries which cannot be produced using casting or milling techniques."

ZTM Werner Ebert, Managing Director of LAC-Laser Add Center GmbH 


How do you assess the durability of laser-fused dental prostheses?
"Our material science analysis is confirmed in practice. Remanium® star CL is a clinically proven and high-quality medical product. CAD CAM with a quality material on a high-quality laser melting machine, as is offered by Concept Laser, is bound to deliver a result of outstanding quality. With LaserCUSING®, the high strength plus the elasticity of the CoCr alloy delivers better life cycles than is the case with conventional casting with the same material."

Dr. Jürgen Lindigkeit, Head of Department Developement prosthetics and metallurgy at DENTAURUM


Dentists and dental technicians think that laser-fused parts offer disadvantages, such as the roughness or compatibility of the material.
"The process relies on the clinically proven remanium® star CL. With this material, the dentist can treat the patient with good conscience. He knows that he is on the safe side thanks to the certification, the CE mark and the standard compliance. The low degree of roughness also allows a level of finish which is equivalent to traditional prostheses or exceeds them. In the case of remanium® star CL, we can demonstrate that this offers better metallurgical properties than with a cast part made from the same material."

Dr. Jürgen Lindigkeit, Head of Department Developement prosthetics and metallurgy at DENTAURUM


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