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Expand your additive curriculum to include metal additive manufacturing

3D Printing for Education – Learning by Creating

Universities, colleges, and schools around the world depend on Concept Laser’s 3D metal printers for their metal additive curriculum. Engineering students have the freedom to design, print, and conduct research on our metal machines without limitations on material choice.

Research-grade and Versatile

  • Freedom to develop your own materials: Our open architecture allows for materials research and testing. You have complete freedom to print applications with any alloy on the market, and develop your own proprietary alloys.
  • Inspect the part as it grows: Monitor the build layer by layer to inspect any design defects, maximizing your reproducibility.

Safety and Ease of Use

  • Small footprint: Both the Mlab cusing and Mlab 200R are ideal for university and college labs, given their size. Small, compact, easy to use and install. The machine itself can fit through any commercial doorway.
  • Safely print in both reactive and non-reactive materials: The safety architecture is user-centric and designed to protect you from harm, regardless if you’re printing in reactive or non-reactive metals.
  • User-centric design: The handling station contains a glove box that allows the user to unpack the build in an inert environment – protecting your metal parts from oxidation and exposure to reactive materials.
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“Concept Laser’s Mlab is perfect for any academic institution. Compact, easy material changeover, and open architecture makes it easy for students to learn, adopt, and use.“
Jon Boomgarden, Instructor of Additive Manufacturing, Orange Coast College
“While we have other 3D metal printers in our lab, the students only build prototypes on Concept Laser’s Mlab because it’s the easiest to use.”
Sundar V. Atre, Ph.D., Endowed Chair of Manufacturing & Materials, University of Louisville
“I see Concept Laser’s Mlab as an extension of my overall R&D program, and with minimal labor overhead. I am the researcher, the designer AND the machine operator”
Dhruv Bhate, Ph.D, Sr. Technologist, PADT, Inc.