• Additiv gefertigter Modelguss Dentaltechnik
    Source: Laser Add Center GmbH
  • Passgenauer Zahnersatz: Additiv gefertigte Kronen und Brücken
    Source: Laser Add Center GmbH
  • Passgenaue Kronen und Brücken für die Dentalindustrie
    Source: LAC - Laser Add Center

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Perfectly fitting, long-lasting and economical – dentures made on a 3D printer

 In the dental industry, certified original materials which produce high-quality dental structures on our LaserCUSING® machines are gaining increasing acceptance. They meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (DIN EN ISO 9693 / DIN EN ISO 22674).

The focus of the industry is on high-quality, perfectly fitting, additively manufactured dentures made from cobalt-chromium, titanium or precious-metal alloys. Even for allergy sufferers, a titanium dental solution is extremely biocompatible.

Long-lasting, solid dentures in the form of wide-ranging bridges, caps or crowns are today no longer produced manually in a dental laboratory. These products are created as unique specimens for each specific patient in a batch size of 1 simultaneously in large numbers on one build plate – often even overnight. This allows dentists to provide their patients with high-quality dentures very quickly.

This slightly different form of manufacturing leaves its mark: For the dental laboratory, the new world of additive manufacturing also means a transformation from a craft workshop to become a printing centre, achieving an unparalleled increase in efficiency in the process.