New CL WRX 2.0 software: faster, better and more transparent

The requirements for machine and process control are growing. This was a good enough reason for us to fundamentally overhaul our control system. The control system successfully completed the beta test phase. The new CL WRX 2.0 software offers the machine operator a new, modern and visually attractive user interface with a great deal of transparency in the process. For example, part parameters can be varied very clearly and easily using slider bars.

The new features of CL WRX 2.0 offer lots of other possibilities for process design. For instance, speed optimization is produced thanks to five new “island” strategies. New exposure strategies for segmentation of the build job, e.g. based on the “shell-and-core” principle, deliver greater flexibility and better surfaces, as well as the possibility of dedicated upside and downside exposure.

In the case of downside, the lower part of the object to be constructed is moved with a different parameter and a lower laser power in order to obtain a better surface as here there is construction directly into the powder. Upside denotes the upward-facing surface areas of a part which are processed with special exposure elements in respect of their surface structure and the stepped effects which are typical of the process. As part of the multilaser technology, an option to operate two lasers simultaneously was of course also integrated.

CL WRX 2.0 offers the machine operator significantly enhanced performance and a time gain: this has been achieved by fundamentally overhauling the software architecture for build job data handling. The structure has been improved so that parts or build jobs can now be loaded, moved or copied more quickly. The machine operator also gains time from the high level of responsiveness when operating the software. Finally, optimizations have also been made in the way that the system components communicate in the build process. In summary, the new software allows operation that is up to 60 per cent faster than the previous control system, as reference measurements revealed.
CL WRX 2.0 has already been supplied with the new M2 cusing / M2 cusing Multilaser machines. The machine types Mlab cusing / R and M1 cusing have also been added since the beginning of the year. It is expected that an upgrade for the machine software of existing machines will be available from the second quarter of 2016.