Press release: The new freedom of LaserCUSING®: New software tool CL WRX Parameter permits open processing of all parameter settings

Lichtenfels (Germany), October 19, 2016: 3D metal printing users are accessing process parameters that have been validated on the material side with LaserCUSING machines from Concept Laser. With every machine and every material acquired through Concept Laser, the customer is also provided with one quality parameter and one speed parameter, as far as available, free of charge. Using the CL WRX Control software from Concept Laser, the customer is able to view and vary the most important parameter options.  This enables optimum results to be obtained taking account of specific build requirements.  But the level of know-how and demands are growing in the sector. Research institutions and experts, in particular from the aerospace sector and medical technology sector, want and need to be able to view and freely vary all parameter characteristics for specific applications. Concept Laser is now offering this target group the new software tool CL WRX Parameter with all the freedoms and configuration options.


Free fine adjustment with the CL WRX Control software

With each LaserCUSING machine purchased and for all material purchased through Concept Laser, the customer is also given one quality parameter and one speed parameter, as far as available, free of charge.  Whereas the speed parameter focuses primarily on the speed along with good quality, the quality parameter delivers excellent quality with a reduced speed. The user’s application dictates which parameter is used. But what they both have in common is that with the CL WRX Control software the five most important process settings can be viewed and varied absolutely without any additional costs.  The five factors that can be fine-tuned include the following attributes: laser power, scan speed, trace spacing, spot size and offset to original contour. These configuration options enable the user to achieve application-based optimizations for a perfect result.  



CL WRX Parameter delivers unlimited freedom

Certain applications, for example the qualification of new materials or products, but also the fabrication of specific geometries require processing and disclosure of all parameter characteristics. These users include research institutions and industrial customers, in particular from the aerospace and medical technology sectors. For these special cases, Concept Laser now also offers the CL WRX Parameter software which enables all parameter characteristics to be viewed and modified as absolute values. In this case, the user is invariably provided with the same tools which the development department at Concept Laser also uses to develop parameters. The software tool can be stored on a PC and can thus be edited directly at an office workstation. For all material acquired from Concept Laser, the customer optionally receives the speed parameter or quality parameter completely, as far as available, open and for individual adjustment. But the user can also purchase the other parameters in each case for a charge.



Intensive training and continuous updates

Before the user can utilize CL WRX Parameter, a license purchase for the software and training from Concept Laser is absolutely essential. During the training, the expert will be specifically shown how to use the tool. The complex relationships between the parameter options will be explained in order to avoid possible damage caused by incorrect settings in subsequent handling. The training will be based on the parameter selected by the customer which it previously acquired from Concept Laser with the machine (speed or quality). The software license is for a limited period of time. Customers of Concept Laser that have entered into a software maintenance contract also receive a free update to their CL WRX Parameter software. This enables them to access experiences from the group of LaserCUSING users and they are always right up-to-date.



First positive feedback from the group of users

CL WRX Parameter was tested as a pilot ahead of its market launch by selected users. The response was positive across the board. For example, Eric Wycisk, technical director of Bionic Production in Hamburg, says: “CL WRX Parameter gives us the freedom to optimize our additive manufacturing for specific customers and applications and thus exploit the technology to its full potential. This allows us to manufacture products for the medical technology and aviation sectors to the highest quality standards and with qualified processes.”