Kerstin and Frank Herzog set off more than 15 years ago to explore laser melting of metal in order to conquer the unknown territory of Additive Manufacturing.  Full of curiosity and pioneering spirit, the young engineer invented the LaserCUSING® process in 1998 and founded Concept Laser GmbH together with his wife in 2000.  In 2002, Oliver Edelmann joined the team and built the sales and marketing departments that he still runs today.

We are proud to announce: when it comes to industrial laser melting of metals, we were the first worldwide.

We learned a lot from our customers and users.  We express our thanks for that!  Concept Laser now offers everything you need for industrial 3D metal printing: technology, equipment, services, and development.

CL Founders
As down-to-earth entrepreneurs, we live the values of German small and medium-sized enterprises: a long-term orientation in terms of thought and action, responsibility for employees, and consciousness for quality.  “Made in Germany” motivates us to excel in the global marketplace.  In terms of Additive Manufacturing, we are the technology leader and sets trends.

Concept Laser exhibits rapid growth.  The will to innovate not drives more than 170 people worldwide.  Team spirit and pleasant working environment define our corporate culture and is present in our US and Asia subsidiaries.  We are open for the future!

With a great attitude, we set off on new paths every day and continue our research and development.  Join us in the fascinating 3D metal printing world of tomorrow.  It will be an exciting journey.  We promise.

Concept Laser History


LaserCUSING® Development of the LaserCUSING® process with the first prototype.


STOCHASTIC EXPOSURE Development of the “island” principle, the unique exposure strategy to reduce tensions in the part Patented by Concept Laser GmbH


COMPANY FOUNDATION Kerstin and Frank Herzog found Concept Laser GmbH


M3 linear Product launch of world’s first industrial 3D metal printing system at Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany


HYBRID CONSTRUCTION For economical production of tool inserts. Development and patenting of Concept Laser GmbH


PARALLEL AND SURFACE COOLING Development and patenting of Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH


PROCESSING OF REACTIVE MATERIALS Mechanical engineering according to ATEX directives M2 cusing Product launch


QUALITY ASSURANCE Launch of the QM quality management system to monitor the build process


Mlab cusing Product launch of the compact 3D metal printer for the production of direct parts for the dental, medical, and jewelry industry. QMmeltpool Launch of the system for melt pool monitoring


QMcoating Development of the QMcoating module for monitoring and control of the coating process


X line 1000R Mlab cusing R Product launch of machines with the largest and smallest build space for 3D metal printing for processing reactive materials.


Multilaser Introduction of multilaser technology M2 cusing multilaser Redesign and further development of the bestseller M2 cusing


X line 2000R® Product launch of the machine with the world’s largest build space and the strongest laser power for 3D metal printing. QMmeltpool 3D Position-related real-time monitoring and three-dimensional visualization of the LaserCUSING® process.    


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