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Industrial 3D metal printing of aerospace components

The Aerospace industry has been one of the earliest adopters and highest-growth sectors for additive manufacturing. From functional prototyping through series production, Concept Lasers Additive Metals offers many advantages to the aerospace community. Concept Laser’s technology frees engineers to create components that can dramatically reduce weight and part count while increasing functionality.

  • Complex flow paths – Highly complex internal flow paths with integral mixing, flow straighteners, vortex generation, etc. are now a possibility without significant cost increases.
  • Optimized Topologies – LaserCUSING® allows engineers to design components for function above all else. When manufacturability is less of a concern, When freed from traditional manufacturing constraints, highly optimized topologies become possible. By removing regions of a part that are not contributing to its functionality, significant weight savings are readily achievable
  • Part-count reduction – Component assemblies that are traditionally manufactured in several stages can now be produced in one step, thereby reducing complexity and increasing reliability.