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Dental 3D Printing – LaserCUSING Manufacturing

3D metal printing is used to manufacture dental products such as crowns, caps, model castings and secondary structures in an economical way. The technology enables cost-effective mass customization, where unique specimens or small batches can be manufactured with a constantly high level of quality.
The DENTAURUM Group, an industry leader in the field of precious-metal-free dental alloys, has partnered with Concept Laser and produces powder materials for use with LaserCUSING® method that are available exclusively to Concept Laser customers.

Two of these clinically proven precious-metal-free alloys that were previously available as cast cylinders and as a milling blanks are now available as laser fusable powder material through Concept Laser:

LaserCUSING® parts made with these alloys meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act (DIN EN ISO 9693 / DIN EN ISO 22674).