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3D Printed Tooling Solutions – Additive Manufacturing & Industrial Tooling

Concept Laser was borne out of the tooling industry. With nearly 15 years of making tool inserts for production, LaserCUSING® is a proven technology that gives its users several competitive advantages, whether they are working in plastic injection-molding or aluminum die-casting.

For the Tool/Mold Maker:

  • Rapid tooling – LaserCUSING® allows for fabrication of tooling in only a few days with minimal post-processing necessary, thereby reducing development costs while increasing speed to market
  • Increased tool performance – Tool manufacturer gains competitive advantage by delivering a more functional product

For the Injection Molding/Die-Casting Company:

  • Reduced Cycle Time – increased production increases ROI on capital equipment. Cycle times are reduced up to 50% in some cases
  • Reduced Scrap Rate – LaserCUSING® inserts with conformal cooling yield parts with less distortion/blow holes
  • Increased Part Quality – LaserCUSING® inserts produce parts with better surface finish and more accurate geometry

Additionally, Concept Laser is able to offer advanced training in conjunction with Hofmann Tooling for hybrid tooling (CNC/LaserCUSING®) and conformal cooling, giving our customers in-depth access to a knowledge base built up over a decade of production use.