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Machine solutions

Concept Laser is a leading global provider of 3D metal printing systems.  Our portfolio includes a wide range of standard and tailored machines concepts.

  • Safety and ease of use have top priority.  Our machines are designed in accordance with ATEX directives, with only name-brand components being used.  The spatial separation of process and handling chamber ensures easy and secure handling and unmatched ease of operation.
  • Build size from small to extremely large.  In LaserCUSING® machines, application-specific 3D parts with enhanced performance profiles are created in a fully automated digital process. 
  • The latest multilaser technology increase build rate tremendously.  This opens up new perspectives in terms of cost-efficiency and makes 3D metal printing into the production strategy of the future.
  • Our advances in LaserCUSING® technology has led to the largest metal machine available on the market, the X line 2000R.

Metal additive manufacturing machines

X LINE 2000R

M2 cusing


M1 cusing

Mlab cusing 200R