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M2 cusing

BUILD VOLUME: 10″ x 10″ x 11″
Single or Dual 200 or 400W Laser

The M2 cusing is the workhorse of the Concept Laser system fleet and has been designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. Whether your application is serial production of parts or reactive materials R&D, the M2 cusing delivers the necessary capabilities without compromise. The available laser options (200 or 400W, single or dual) allow our customers to tailor the system for their specific needs. A closed-loop material handling system ensures that the operator’s contact with unmelted reactive powders and soot is reduced to the absolute minimum. This, along with the patented filter-change mechanism with water-flood passivation, are part of the design that makes the M2 cusing unrivaled in terms of safety. The optional integrated QM modules provide the user with absolute confidence that the build has proceeded as expected, which is especially important in the serial production of critical components.

Download M2 cusing MultiLaser Data Sheet
Download M2 cusing Data Sheet
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