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Mlab cusing 200R

BUILD VOLUME: 4″ x 4″ x 4″
200W Laser

Nicknamed as the “big brother” to the Mlab cusing R, this version of the machine can manufacture larger parts and comes with greater productivity due to its laser power. The best part is that it still maintains its compact footprint which makes it desirable for any lab. Similar to the other machine solutions in Concept Laser’s portfolio, the Mlab cusing 200R has the safety features of water-passivated filters and a complete and closed, inert system for maximum user protection and part quality.

When compared to the original, the Mlab cusing 200R offers the following advantages:

  • Double laser power of 200W
  • Expanded build area of 23%
  • Expanded build volume of 54% given that the z-axis has increased to approximately 4 inches
  • Significant longer machine running time due to an enlarged filter
  • Clamping system for more accurate part positioning
Download Mlab cusing 200R Data Sheet
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