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Mlab cusing

BUILD VOLUME: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3″
100W Laser
Non-Reactive Materials

The Mlab cusing is a lower-cost variant of the Mlab cusing R for the user who does not intend to work with reactive materials. This system produces fully-dense parts with a surface finish that is unmatched in laser systems. The Mlab cusing finds widespread use in the medical, dental, and jewelry markets, where the smaller build volume is ideal for high-value materials as it allows the user to work with smaller powder batches. The size of the system lends itself well to a production or lab environment, where the footprint can be very limited, and the system requires less ancillary equipment than most of the larger systems. The modularity of the build chamber allows for quick and painless material changes, and the semi-automatic sieving station enables powder re-use.

Download Mlab cusing Data Sheet
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