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Concept Laser is dedicated to offering the best products available on the market. From machine and process research and design to parameter development and powder verification, we invest heavily in making sure that everything that leaves our facility is of the highest quality.

Metal additive manufacturing machines /metal 3d printing


With the largest available build area of any laser powderbed system and proven performance, the X LINE 2000R is one of the most significant developments in metal additive manufacturing.  The machine is designed with continuous production in mind, from the modular build chamber to the in-line powder sieving.


The M1 cusing and M2 cusing represent the workhorses of the Concept Laser machine suite.  These systems occupy the sweet spot of build envelope, build rate, and precision, and are capable and versatile no matter the application.


When detail and surface finish are the main concerns, look no further than Concept Laser’s Mlab systems.  These machines offer a smaller laser focus and thinner powder layers to build some of the most detailed and highly-resolved parts possible, all in a machine with a small footprint.



LaserCUSING can be used to process steels that are widely used across industries, including stainless steel.  These materials are used for structural components, tooling inserts, and prototyping, where hardness, corrosion resistance, or material cost are considerations.


Reactive alloys include aluminum and titanium alloys, and are used widely in industries where weight, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility are considerations, such as aerospace, automotive, and medical/dental.


Specialty alloys include nickel- and cobalt based alloys, as well as high-copper content bronze.  These alloys are used in special applications such as extreme temperature environments, or where other requirement, such as thermal conductivity, dictate their use.