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Quality assurance and in-process monitoring have become the latest buzz-words in additive manufacturing, and Concept Laser is leading the metal additive industry with our integrated suite of Quality Management (QM) modules. While many machine manufacturers use the word “monitoring” casually, Concept Laser’s QM suite provides analytical, quantitative, and high-resolution insight into the full build process.


Real-Time Meltpool Quality Monitoring integrated into the optical path.  This system provides kilohertz monitoring of the meltpool size, shape, and intensity for the most in-depth documentation of the meltpool throughout the build.

Closed-loop control of the powder application process for each layer. This optical analysis detects short-feeds or other coating defects and will recoat automatically as needed. It can also reduce powder consumption by optimizing powder feed throughout the build process.

QM Cusing Power uses a measuring device to record the laser power directly on the build area. This can be performed as often as you wish before and after the process. The correct energy input in the form of the required laser power is the key criterion for ensuring high part quality and low porosity. The power measurement takes place at the end of the optical path with QM Cusing Power. All factors that interfere with the laser power are                                                                                                                          recorded.

QM-powderExternal sieving station with large sieving area and various sieve mesh sizes. The entire sieving process takes place in a controlled inert environment, as does the powder transfer to/from the machine.

QM-atmosphereRedundant closed-loop control of oxygen level in build chamber and ventilator flow. Also provides real-time monitoring of filter status and controls automatic filter cleaning.

QM-documentationSoftware for analysis and reporting after the build process. Provides access to all data of the real-time QM modules and presents the large amount of data in a simplified format.

Real-time monitoring of laser system status including laser power and laser component temperature.

QM_RT-live_view-1Remotely accessible live view of build chamber.