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In order for customers to make the best use out of our technology, Concept Laser offers basic and advanced training courses.  These courses can be taught at the customer’s facility, at our North American headquarters in Dallas, TX, or at our international headquarters in Lichenfels, Germany.



Four day basic training is included with the purchase of each system.

Topics covered in this training include:

  • Machine technical data
  • Safety instructions
  • LaserCUSING® theory
  • Machine design
  • Data preparation
  • Concept Laser software
  • Machine usage
  • Maintenance and service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Power exchange and handling of reactive powders


This two day course is designed for customers in the tooling industry to leverage Hofmann Tooling’s knowledge base on conformal and parallel cooling and hybrid builds.

Course topics include:

  • Where to use LaserCUSING® cooling
  • Characteristics of LaserCUSING® cooling
  • Guidelines for the hybrid manufacturing
  • Design rules for surface cooling
  • Design rules for bypass or parallel cooling
  • Material combinations for hybrid manufacturing
  • Flow and pressure loss simulations
  • Hardening and annealing
  • Documentation


Our application specialists will work with you to develop a curriculum to suit your specific needs and priorities.

General topics might include:

  • Strategy for parameter modification
  • Detailed explanation of slicer settings
  • Detailed explanation of part parameters
  • Delay setting – effects and handling
  • Design rules for parts and support
  • Build time reduction