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Standard Software

  • Machine control
  • Process control
  • Process monitoring
  • Logging

Desktop Software

  • Build job preparation
  • Build time estimation

Parameter Software

  • Parameter editing
  • Customer parameter development
  • Access to all parameter options

Concept Laser 3D metal printing machines rely on our software suite called CL WRX 2.0 which consists of three components. The first is CL WRX Control, the control software of Concept Laser machines. It conducts all calculations for the processes and determines the positions to be fused by the laser on the working field. Additionally, all process monitoring and logging activities take place in CL WRX Control.

CL WRX Office is an office software that can be installed independently from the machine on a computer. This makes it possible for build jobs to be easily prepared at the workplace and to estimate the respective build time. This is perfect for the service provider to reduce the idle time of the machine and to prepare offers.

CL WRX Parameter is a tool that allows for true segmentation of complex geometries into discretize regions for parameter assignment.  The machine can be compared to a TV set. There you may change the program and influence the volume. If, however, you wish to control the other settings e.g. contrast, sleep timer, broadcasting groups, you need a remote control. This remote control for your Concept Laser machine is CL WRX Parameter, often referred to as an Editor. This makes the CL WRX 2.0 Suite complete.