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Freedom for advanced parameter development

CL WRX Parameter is the key to advanced parameter development for complex geometries

With an intuitive and easy to use GUI, users can easily focus on specific areas of a part and assign a different parameter to each area.  You may assign your own exposure strategies to each of these elements and process them using all adjustment options. This approach is exactly what our research and development department does to determine the standard parameter values for each individual material. In this way, you have a comprehensive but also very complex development tool at hand.

The end result is a part can have numerous parameters assigned to it, which allows for significantly enhanced build quality and technical risk reduction. In other words, it is more likely that the part will build correctly on the first try.

The Differentiation Is Clear 

  • Limitations are Removed: Users no longer need to attempt to find a ‘best fit’ parameter for all geometrical features
  • Technical Advantage: Advanced users will receive the same software that our in-house R&D uses for parameter development, which is the first for any manufacturer in this industry
  • Open Development: Stock parameters for speed and quality are completely open with absolute values
  • Freedom to Design: If you are an advanced user of metal AM and would like to gain more freedom to design, the only requirement we have for CL WRX Parameter is to attend an intensive 2 day training to learn the software.

Knowledge is power

With CL WRX Parameter you receive the remote control for your TV set. This variety of setting options, however, is difficult to understand and requires extensive training. Without a machine on which you can build test jobs continuously you will hardly be successful in the development of your own parameters. To help get started and in order to transfer the Concept Laser internal know-how, we offer training in connection with the purchase of CL WRX Parameter. The training is intended for people with experience on the machine. Beginners will hardly be able to understand the complex connections.

After the training, however, you will have an open installation at your command for an unlimited term. CL WRX Parameter is compatible with all our machines, whereby we build on the latest state of the art. Additionally one parameter, either Quality or Speed, of your material will be disclosed to you in all values during the training. This provides you with the optimal basis for continuing your development.

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