Experience LaserCUSING® "live"

We clearly give the applications and needs of our customers top priority. Supporting ambitious applications of additive manufacturing is the exciting task of our employees at the Application Center.

Our Application Center consists of two areas:

  • Showroom
  • Benchmark


The showroom is the "publicly" accessible showcase for LaserCUSING®. This part of the Application Center is intended for visitors and used for training and advisory purposes. Here, customers or prospective customers receive detailed information about our products and experience different application examples from the fascinating world of 3D metal printing.


Using components from various industries such as aerospace, medical and dental, the automotive industry, tool or the jewelry industry, we show you the advantages of additive manufacturing in general and in direct comparison to conventional manufacturing techniques. The layered structure allows almost limitless geometrical freedom while taking bionic principles into account. This results in noticeably lighter, topologically optimized components that also withstand a higher load. Other key words in this context are individualization, functional integration, production in one shot, reduction of assembly steps, "production on demand," and cost structure improvement, e.g. with unmanned production 24 hours a day. A visualization juxtaposing the volume of waste from a milled part with an additive manufactured component shows how sustainable our LaserCUSING® technology is. With additive manufacturing processes only about 10% of recyclable waste is accumulated, whereas with milling of components approx. 95% of material waste occurs. This is why it is also considered a green technology.

The main focus in our showroom is, of course, on our LaserCUSING® machines. Here you can experience everything from machine setup, component assembly to post-processing. View the following machines:


  • Mlab cusing und Mlab cusing R
  • Mlab cusing 200R
  • M1 cusing
  • M2 cusing und M2 cusing Multilaser
  • X LINE 1000R
  • X LINE 2000R

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An overview of the various installation sizes can be seen in our space visualization. From the smallest space 50 x 50 x 80 mm3, which is particularly suitable for delicate parts with high surface quality, e.g. in the medical or jewelry industry, to the world's largest assembly space 800 x 400 x 500 mm3, for automotive and aerospace applications, we cover everything. We thus have the widest range of products in the area of powder-bed-based LaserCUSING® of metals.

Active quality assurance is one of the chief demands of our users. Monitoring key data in our LaserCUSING® machines in terms of oxygen content, temperature, laser power, and powder quality is standard practice nowadays. To ensure reproducibility and process quality, however, in-line process monitoring modules that control crucial process factors and document the construction process are necessary. The Development Department of Concept Laser began dealing with these issues early on and is considered a pioneer and technology leader in this field.  For example, the QM Meltpool 3D tool for positional real-time monitoring and three-dimensional visualization was presented with the Additive Manufacturing Award 2016 (IAMA) and the 2016 Bavarian Innovation Award.

See all of our quality management modules for yourself on the corresponding machines in our showroom:

  • QM Meltpool 3D

  • QM Coating

  • QM Live View

  • QM Fiber

  • QM Cusing Power

  • QM Atmosphere

  • QM Powder

  • QM Documentation

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For assembly preparation and component post-processing other peripheral devices are still needed for finishing the components. Get an overview in our showroom:

  • Sieving station

  • Microblasting booths

  • Apparatus for vibratory polishing

  • Ruwak wet scrubber

  • Thermal treatment furnace

Safety and ease of operation have top priority! Therefore, all our machines meet the highest safety standards in accordance with ATEX directives. In particular, the spatial separation of process and handling chambers, which is characteristic of all Concept Laser systems, offers unsurpassed ease of operation and maximum safety in using our equipment, especially when processing reactive materials. We would be pleased to show you the various safety devices for each machine in our showroom. In order to protect health and safety as much as possible, wearing or using proper protective equipment is, of course, imperative. This includes:

  • Heat-resistant protective clothing and gloves
  • P3 Respirator
  • Full-face mask (with P3 particle filter) when using reactive materials
  • Antistatic protection (ESD kit; ESD mat; antistatic protective clothing

The latest equipment technology and high-quality services are available in our showroom. Come and see all of the possibilities additive manufacturing has to offer – we look forward to welcoming you!




The term "benchmark" refers to the comparison of the performance of a conventional component with a redesigned component made using additive manufacturing. When contemplating purchasing a machine, components defined by the customer or prospective customer are produced using additive manufacturing and then given to the customer for testing and evaluation purposes. Discretion is, of course, one of our main concerns.

Our Benchmark team then begins their work:

  • Cost calculation
  • Preparation of data for the additive manufacturing process
  • Perform production jobs on the machinery and equipment
  • Post-processing and quality control

During this phase, the Benchmark Department remains in close contact with the customer. They are available to discuss issues, such as

  • Orientation of the component within the assembly space
  • Definition of support structures
  • Modifications to the construction to enable the LaserCUSING® process
  • Detection of potential for topological optimization
  • Construction of the component

in order to ultimately obtain an optimal result.


This is followed by post-processing and quality control of the component:

  • Hardening treatment in the curing furnace
  • Removal of support structures
  • Blasting/polishing the component
  • 3D Measurement
  • Density testing in our own laboratory

We build trust through transparency – therefore all steps are documented in detail in our Benchmark Report and our production process is unveiled to our customers. After completion of our benchmark testing, the customer receives a detailed log of machine settings, construction time, post-processing as well as our laboratory tests.

The machine settings include the material, the thickness, the laser power, and the use of quality management modules among other aspects. In order to provide our customer with an overview of the post-processing carried out by us, information on all activities such as the removal of support structures, microblasting, and heat treatment of the component is documented. Our laboratory tests provide customers meaningful kay data on component measurement, the density test and thus also the surface quality.

Finally, the component is sent to the customer along with our Benchmark Report.

Have we sparked your interest?

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